Wednesday, July 23, 2008

RAS' brochure

Job: Designing brochure 1/3 F4
Klien: Mr. Faisal (PT. Rizky Agung Singosari Cargo)

Once again, this is about "mood".
At July, 21st 2008, Mr. Faisal came to mosimosi and give me a job to design the brochure to promote his bussiness.
I said that the design will be finished the day after.

And because my mood is very very good, i have finished not just a design, but three! (as my plan is to give more alternative to choose).

And the best is, Mr. Faisal like all of the designs, and asked me to produce them all.

OK...OK... but u know... more design....more payment ;)

Redesign Banner

"Sometimes the mood is doesn't come when we need"
For example is when my friend, brought to me the job to re-design his banner, although hi is a good talented designer, as i know.
The reason is because he feel bad about his design but he can't do anything to make it better.

OK friend... that is about your mood.

And i tried to help him.

Finally, i can see his smile when he looked the final result.

Hehe... hope your mood back as soon as possible, bro! :)