Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hi Guys, it's too late information, may be. But if you haven't know before that there's a very cool site which provides a lot of FREE vector images, so you must go to vecteezy.
This site have very unique slogan: "Stupid name. Cool vectors!" Aha, Great!

Until this post wrote, this site gives us 15 pages free downloads vector images. And that's mean hundreds files of vector images! U will need a lot of time to get all the images!
Actually, this site provides paid vector images too. But, I think it have been KO by free vector images. Vecteezy just has one page for this paid vector images.
Free or paid, that's your choice with advantages/disadvantages of its.

So, what's you wait for?
Go to this stupid name site! (with cool vectors of)